Cirencester College are looking to move forward with delivering the Level 3 Archaeological Technician Apprenticeship.

They are now in a position to work with employers who may potentially want to recruit an apprentice, to agree the best training delivery model for all. Cirencester are aiming to deliver this apprenticeship across the whole of England, regardless of geographical location. They have said,

We anticipate working quickly with employers to agree a way of working together to meet the specific needs of the archaeological industry, which we expect would include some remote learning and use of virtual meeting technology (which we have found over the last year can be an extremely effective learning medium), drawing on our experience of  successful A Level Archaeology provision over many years, the knowledge of our experienced and passionate senior teaching staff and the utilisation of local dig sites where possible, in the rich surroundings of Roman Corinium.”

They are looking to try and get a programme underway for September so want to begin this consultation process with employers as soon as possible. They have provided a Detailed Standard Overview to remind you of the content of this particular apprenticeship.

DSO – Archaeological Technician Level 3

If you or any colleagues you know are interested in recruiting a level 3 Archaeological Technician apprentice from September and would be keen to work with Cirencester to determine how the delivery model may look; please get in touch with Annabelle Carter:

Annabelle Carter

Apprenticeship Coordinator, Cirencester College

Direct Line – 01285 626215

Mobile No – 07823 680941