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Development-led Archaeology Health and Safety Injury Survey 2019-20

The results of the FAME 2019-20 Health and Safety Injury Survey are now available. The document can be downloaded here: FAME Health and Safety Injury Survey 2019-20   3 Key Findings: Significant drops in RIDDOR Injury frequency rates & Incident rates: Specified injuries: 0.21 & 42 in 2019-20 2.01 & 342 in 2018-19 Injuries resulting […]

FAME Health & Safety Notice – Traffic Management

To help support the goal of safe working conditions for all archaeologists, FAME will be publishing Health  & Safety notices for its members, and the sector at large, to learn from. These will be a mixture of instances of upcoming changes to Health & Safety regulations and incident reports, anonymously provided by FAME members. We […]

FAME Health and Safety Injury Survey 2018-19

Part of FAME’s Health & Safety strategy is to assemble industry injury and accident data to allow organisations to benchmark their performance against the sector. We hope this data will provide a better picture of Health and Safety across our sector and may assist with the development of preventative measures and improved ways of working. […]

Development-Led Archaeology in Scotland and Covid-19

A new publication supported by FAME / ALGAO members in Scotland has been published, Development-led Archaeology in Scotland and Covid-19. This publication has brought together contributors from across Scotland, involved in both the commercial and curatorial sides of development-led archaeology to show the sector’s resilience in the face of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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