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FAME and CIfA response to the “UK Shortage Occupation List” Consultation

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recently put out a call for evidence for the “UK Shortage Occupation List”. FAME and CIfA respond to their form with the following entry:   Consultation questions: Please indicate from which of these industries are you providing evidence? (Please select all that apply).  Mining and Quarrying Activities Construction Other – […]

FAME Response to CDM 2015

FAME has responded to the HSE consultation on the review of the CDM Regulations. There was a deep division of opinion among members about the proposal to exempt ‘pre-construction archaeological investigations’ from the revised regulations. Those in favour argued that CDM should not be triggered unnecessarily by pre-construction investigative work, and that exemption would provide […]

CDM 2014 to exclude pre-construction archaeology?

A new consultation by HSE proposes that pre-construction archaeological work will be excluded from the new CDM Regulations. The 10-week consultation on proposals to replace the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, launched yesterday, states that “the definition of construction work is substantially unchanged from CDM 2007, except for clarification that it does not include pre-construction archaeological […]

The future of local government archaeology services: FAME response

FAME has responded to the government’s review of the future of local government archaeology services, expressing its concern at the growing pressure on their resources, and the implications of this for archaeological practitioners and their clients, skills, the historic environment and the general public. It has suggested a model of properly-regulated and resourced HER/advisory teams, working […]

English Heritage New Model consultation: FAME response

FAME has responded to the English Heritage New Model consultation. Though we have no objection in principle to the proposed new model, ed we have expressed our concerns about its financial viability, ailment and stressed the need for greater engagement with development-led archaeology and closer integration between national and local archaeological services.

The future of local government archaeology services: call for written evidence

In response to issues raised by representatives of the archaeological sector at an event organised by the Archaeology Forum in October 2013, viagra the Minister for Culture, pills Communications and the Creative Industries, Ed Vaizey, initiated a review to be undertaken by Lord Redesdale and John Howell MP into the future of local government archaeological […]

Proposed cuts to services in Tyne and Wear

Gateshead Council is consulting on proposals to cut by 50% its funding for the joint Tyne and Wear Specialist Conservation Team. It is not yet known what the impact will be on archaeology, treatment but we have written to the Council to express our concerns at its potential impact on the service and its clients.

Merseyside HER – new access fees

Despite representations from FAME and other heritage bodies, Merseyside Archaeological Service was closed in March 2011. National Museums Liverpool has now announced that access to the Merseyside HER is to be made available for public consultation, at a fee of £500 per day, with a minimum fee of £250. FAME members have expressed their concern […]

FAME responds to Greater Manchester threat

FAME has written to the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities to express its concern over the proposed closure of GMAU and the future provision of archaeological advice in Greater Manchester.

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