The latest survey of job losses in archaeology shows a significant fall in the number of people employed in archaeology in the second half of 2010, and a continuing decline in business confidence for 2011.

The survey, carried out by Landward Research Ltd on behalf of FAME and the IfA, covers the period July 2010-January 2011 and includes for the first time data from ALGAO on employment numbers in local government advisory services.

It shows that there are now fewer people employed in archaeology than at any time since surveys began in January 2009. The total number of 5,827 employed in the UK represents a fall of 7.6% since July 2010. Of these, 3189 work in development-led archaeology – a fall of 13.1% since July 2010 and 21% below the August 2007 peak.

The proportion of businesses expecting to maintain their current staff numbers fell sharply in the three months to October 2010, but recovered slightly in the last quarter of the year. The proportion expecting market conditions to deteriorate increased in every quarter of 2010. The overwhelming majority of businesses now expect conditions to worsen in the next year, and most expect some archaeological practices to cease trading.

For the seventh quarter in succession, the skills needed to conduct and contribute to invasive field investigation were reported as those most frequently being lost.

The full report may be viewed here.