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PPG 16 at 30

The final version of PPG 16 was published 30 years ago today. Planning Policy Guidance 16: Archaeology and Planning transformed archaeological practice. Only 24 pages long, and at first glance a rather technical note on the implementation of the town and country planning system, its consequences for professional archaeology were revolutionary. PPG 16 obliged developers to […]

Menstrual health and hygiene in the heritage workplace: FAME webinar

The recording of our webinar, Seeing Red – menstrual health and hygiene in the heritage workplace, is now finished and captioned. You can view it below. About: This webinar will share best practice for handling menstrual health and hygiene on sites, equip staff with the confidence to talk about periods to site management, and for […]

Archaeology and pipeline safety

We have a new webinar to announce – Archaeology and pipeline safety There have been a number of incidents around the world involving archaeology works taking place without contact being made with the pipeline operators prior to works beginning. To proactively promote pipeline safety and avoid such instances in the UK we have invited the […]

Upskill your heritage workforce in England

The recording of one of our webinars – Upskill your heritage workforce in England– is now available. A little about the webinar: Apprenticeships – They’re not just for school leavers! This webinar will take a look at the new suite of apprenticeships that have been designed specifically for working in the historic environment and will […]

Duty of Care When Providing Services

The recording of one of our webinars – Duty of Care When Providing Services – is now available. A little about the subject: A webinar considering the important distinction between the ‘duty of care’ required in providing (a) services or (b) goods.  Goods fall under a ‘fit for purpose’ requirement of the Sale of Goods […]

Archaeology, access and digital data

Two weeks ago we delivered a digital workshop –  Archaeology, access and digital data. The workshop brought together teams working on two HE-funded projects: Dig Digital, creating guidance for everyday archaeological data management and training workshops designed to support the rollout of the new OASIS to help create a self-sustaining support community. With new tools, […]

FAME welcomes new member Granta Heritage

We are happy to announce that Granta Heritage has joined FAME. Granta Heritage is owned and directed by Alison Dickens and was established in 2019. Their aim is to provide affordable archaeological services for your company, project, or private development. Granta Heritage is able to cover England and Scotland and offers expertise and advice in […]

Meet the Contractor

HS2 delivers an event called Meet the Contractor in partnership with our JVs. In 2017 and 2018 this event took place in VOX in Birmingham and was a great success in presenting 300+ potential suppliers with an opportunity to Meet HS2’s Joint Venture Contractors. They had hoped to deliver an event in person in May […]

Managing Risk in Archaeology

This week we delivered another webinar, this one was on managing financial risk in archaeology. It was delivered by Towergate and supported with funding from Historic England. The presentation has been captioned. Our full list of recordings from past webinars and signups for future ones can be found on this page:  

Options for Sustainable Archaeological Archives

The Arts Council England (ACE) and Historic England (HE) have jointly funded an assessment of strategic options for the ongoing issue of storing archaeological archives. The Project Team have had a lot of input so far from across the heritage sector, but have realised there are still one gap in knowledge around the question of accrual […]

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