FAME reaches out to UK students

High fees mean that students need to think carefully about future career choices. Even for those with a deep love of the subject, the traditionally low wages and uncertain career progression in archaeology have been significant barriers to entering our profession.

In recent years the fallout from the financial crisis and government austerity measures have meant jobs have been scarce.

But now the situation is getting better. Wages are improving, together with working conditions and training opportunities. And there are plenty of jobs on offer. FAME members are looking to employ more staff than ever before and they recognise the importance of getting the right people and the benefits of developing and retaining skilled staff.

To help get this message across FAME are contacting all university departments to let them know about the good news, together with tips for securing employment and the best places to find jobs (see here).

FAME also support the governments TRAILBLAZER apprentice scheme to attract non-graduate entrants.