The UK workplace is coming to terms with issues around equality and diversity. It is clear that the archaeology profession and business also needs to address these challenges.

Most of FAME’s members already have policies to address many of these issues. Most senior managers are fully supportive. But we call on our members to redouble their efforts, to review policies to ensure they are effective and implemented, to challenge their own personal behaviours and those of colleagues within their own and partner organizations, and to build trust with employees.

FAME is working to create a more sustainable business environment for its members. We believe that organisations that act fairly and respectfully, that champion equality and diversity, and that root out bullying and harassment will be rewarded with a loyal and engaged workforce. This creates better places to work, helps to grow business success, and builds a positive reputation for the sector.

FAME recognises it has an important role to play in bringing about changes which can only be to the benefit of all our members. Over the next 12 months we will bring forward initiatives to support these changes, but in the meantime, together with CIfA and Prospect we will be publishing a joint statement. This will provide a road-map for the sector, setting out a commitment to improving organisational practice and personal behaviour.