A rapid survey of ALGAO:UK members on how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected their work has been published. We are grateful to our colleagues in local authorities who have managed to maintain their planning advice, and supply of historic environment record data, during the Covid crisis. This has facilitated the work of our members, and helped our clients deliver sustainable development in spite of the challenging environment that the lockdown and ensuing return to work has created. The report commissioned by ALGAO presents a snapshot of archaeological planning advice and support for the UK as a whole, as well as by country and region. Report and more information can be found at the ALGAO website: https://www.algao.org.uk/news/impact-covid-19-local-authority-archaeology-services

Despite the challenging working environment presented by the Covid Crisis, the overwhelming majority of ALGAO members have been able to continue to deliver services as they were able to do before the onset of the pandemic. This means that the availability of local government advice has not been a factor leading to a reduction in archaeological work.

The majority (c.70%) of ALGAO members have continued to provide a full-service providing planning advice, policy advice, to comment on active developments and to provide Historic Environment Record services, with a further 28% recording a partial service but one focused upon planning and development management and advice.