The Arts Council England (ACE) and Historic England (HE) have jointly funded an assessment of strategic options for the ongoing issue of storing archaeological archives.

The Project Team have had a lot of input so far from across the heritage sector, but have realised there are still one gap in knowledge around the question of accrual and volume. Although we know roughly how much archive material is out there now and what is consists of, previous surveys have missed one key question: How much physical archive material is accumulated within an average year in English archaeology?

Can you help? Below you’ll find a link to a (very) short survey aimed at contracting organisations working across England. The team appreciate some guesswork might be needed, but would be very grateful for as many responses as possible!

The survey will close on Friday 6 November.

If you want to know more, just get in touch with the team via project manager, Manda Forster (, or take a look at the project webpage: