The Arts Council England and Historic England funded project, Options for Sustainable Archaeological Archives, is currently seeking input from archaeologists from across to sector, to help build an up-to-date picture of archaeological archives. There are two ways you can help the project – if you have not already done so…

An organisational survey aims to fill in the period between the FAME survey of 2012 and today’s picture, with an update questionnaire about archives held in archaeological organisations. The project team are keen to understand what capacity will be needed in the future and would be grateful if you could help by completing this survey:

In addition, consultation workshops are inviting practitioners to join a cross-sector discussion. The Rethinking archaeological archives workshops will bring together colleagues from various walks of heritage and archaeology life, to discuss a series of questions and challenges about how we use archives. Due to popularity, the team is increasing capacity for the workshops, so we hope you can get a place!

The workshops will take place on Thursday 27 August and Thursday 03 September, from 10 – 12. You can find more information and the link for registration below.

You can find more information about the project from the webpages (link above) and if you have any questions, please feel free to email the project manager, Manda Forster