The current system whereby most archaeologists gain CSCS accreditation will change in September 2017 when the current Construction Related Occupation card is removed.

CSCS are doing this, cheap on behalf of the wider construction industry, in order to tighten up accreditation across all professional and technical occupations. In particular it is now clear that the primary purpose of the CSCS card is not simply to accredit an individual in health and safety competence, but competence in their main job role (i.e. as an archaeologist).

To respond to this FAME and CIfA are currently in discussions with CSCS as to how competence can be demonstrated for archaeologists, and this is likely to be be either by professional accreditation (e.g. CIfA, or IHBC) or by academic or vocational qualification.

FAME and CIfA will soon publish a joint statement outlining the proposals for CSCS accreditation and how these might affect archaeologists working on construction sites that require the cards.

In the meantime CSCS will continue to issue cards under the existing system and cards already issued will continue to be recognised.

FAME members have already been consulted on the progress of negotiations with CSCS and a copy of the late draft proposals are available in the members library, here.