• CSCS is the leading skills certification scheme within the UK construction industry. CSCS cards provide proof that individuals working on construction sites have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out.
  • The current system whereby most archaeologists gain CSCS accreditation will change in September 2017 when the current Construction Related Occupation (CRO) card is withdrawn. The CRO card was introduced in 2005 to cover occupations for which there was no nationally recognized qualification and does not require card-holders to demonstrate their skills.
  • CIfA and FAME have been working closely with CSCS to establish the appropriate mechanisms by which archaeologists can achieve CSCS accreditation following the withdrawal of the card. In line with other construction related professions, these will be based around vocational and/or academic qualifications and professional accreditation.
  • CIfA and FAME welcome the changes which recognize the high levels of expertise and skill required by archaeologists alongside other professionals in the construction industry. Both organisations are working hard to ensure that there is a smooth transition to the new arrangements for individuals and organisations.

The following CSCS cards will be available for archaeologists

 Apprentices’ cardavailable to archaeologists on a recognised apprenticeship scheme provided it contains a basic health and safety element. Card valid for five years. No health and safety test required.

Trainee card – available to students or trainees registered on a recognised training course. For an employers’ training scheme to be recognised by CSCS, it will need to be endorsed by CIfA, as the standards setting body for archaeology. CIfA will design a framework around National Occupational Standards, for all employers to use. Card valid for five years. Requires the basic (operative level) health and safety test.

Academically Qualified Person (AQP) card – available to archaeologists with an ‘archaeology and heritage degree’. There is currently a lack of clarity from the scheme regarding what qualifies; to be resolved by CIfA, FAME and CSCS agreeing a list of courses. For reasons of pragmatism, these will be very broadly defined initially in order to ease the transition following the withdrawal of the CRO card. Requires the Manager level health and safety test. Valid for five years.

Note: CSCS is proposing changes to the AQP route in future to ensure that candidates are able to demonstrate appropriate competence. CIfA and FAME understand that these changes will not be introduced for at least 6 months following the withdrawal of the CRO card.

Professionally Qualified Person (PQP) card – Will be available at three levels, equating to Operative, Supervisor and Manager (= PCIfA, ACIfA, MCIfA) – and with the three corresponding health and safety tests (card to be clearly marked to indicate which level test had been taken). Approval has already been gained for the PCIfA level card which can be applied for NOW (agreed by FAME and CIfA as the priority). Mapping for ACIfA and MCIfA will be undertaken late 16/early 17.  CIfA membership at appropriate level will need to be maintained in order for cards to be renewed. Card valid for five years.

 The Site Visitor card will still be available for those who visit sites in a monitoring role (i.e. those not working directly on site). This card can be used by senior/project manages, by consultants, and local authority curatorial staff.

 NOTE: The CSCS website is currently being updated to reflect the new option for the PIfA level PQP card. As further changes are made through 2016/17 the site will continue to be updated.

Who should I contact at CIfA or FAME for further help or advice?

If you are a CIfA member or Registered Organisation please contact Anna Welch at CIfA at [email protected]

For CIfA membership related enquiries, please contact Lianne Birney at [email protected]

At FAME, you should contact Nick Shepherd at [email protected]

You can contact CSCS via their helpline on 0344 994 4777 or via their website at www.cscs.uk.com/contact-us.  There is also an online cardfinder https://www.cscs.uk.com/card-finder/.

To read the full statement, including some useful FAQs CLICK HERE.