FAME recently carried out a rapid survey of members on the impacts of BREXIT on their organisation, and their predictions for the future. The survey can be read in full by members here.

The main findings were as follows:

  • Most businesses were experiencing steady or increasing workloads through 2016 despite Brexit
  • There was much more uncertainty for 2017,  with Brexit impacts expected once Article 50 is invoked
  • Mixed experiences with regard to staff shortages -some members are able to recruit while others struggle to find the right people
  • Concerns over the future impact of planning de-regulation affecting core business -despite the predicted (but possibly delayed) demand from infrastructure

Overall our members are busy, although perhaps not growing as fast or under as much pressure as they were through 2014/2015 (mirroring the slowdown in growth across construction). There is great concern over Brexit going forward, but this stems more from uncertainty than from any confident predictions over the trajectory of the market.

The results of the FAME/CIfA Archaeological Market Survey are due to be published soon and this will give a detailed picture of the health of our sector to just before the referendum. FAME will continue to collect data from its members over the coming months to help us understand the continuing impact of Brexit and what the key issues are for our members.

In addition, watch out for more details on the joint FAME/CIfA session on Brexit at the next CIfA conference to be held in Newcastle on the 19th to 21st April.