FAME have been in discussions with AGS – the Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists – and we consider that a mutual understanding regarding trial pitting for construction and archaeology / cultural heritage would be very useful to both sets of members.

 AGS have asked us to circulate this letter and questionnaire which has been developed by representatives of the AGS Safety Working Group to determine the current industry practices for trial pitting, with the aim of verifying or otherwise that it meets the standards of “good practice”.  FAME H&S Group and the AGS Safety WG are also aware that over time, some practitioners will have gained experience of using modern technology or approaches to address the fall risk in different ways, and they would like to collate experiences of this.  Further information regarding the questionnaire can be found in the attached letter.

It is intended the outcomes from this questionnaire survey will be covered in a session at the upcoming AGS “Safety in Mind” conference in Birmingham in November this year, and thereafter contribute to updating AGS guidance. Depending on the results we could look to see whether a mutual guidance note or similar could be developed.

FAME H&S Group would therefore request that you circulate / disseminate the questionnaire amongst your staff who are engaged in trial pitting, or alternatively respond on their behalf before the 31st October 2019.  All responses will be treated anonymously and no individuals or companies will be named in any collation or dissemination of conclusions.

Please send responses directly to Katie Kennedy at AGS ags@ags.org.uk. However if anyone has any queries or wishes to discuss it or the issues surrounding please contact steve.everton@jacobs.com of the AGS Safety Working Group.

Thank you for your assistance.

Kenneth Aitchison



AGS TP Questionaire MASTER August 2019

Trial Pitting Qu Letter Sept 19