FAME member, Heritage Business International, has released some research on the Archaeology Sector in the United State:

 The United States’ heritage compliance sector contracted in 2019 by about 10 million dollars. This contraction marks the ninth year in a row of negative growth for the sector since its historic high in 2011. The compliance sector of the heritage industry includes work performed by heritage and environmental firms to achieve compliance with environmental and cultural resource requirements. It is sometimes referred to as the Cultural Resource Management or CRM industry.

These figures come from the just released 2020 edition of the annual industry size report published by Heritage Business International. The report contains a preface on COVID-19, key sector-size statistics, a breakdown of size by U.S. geographic region, historical graphs, and a data table of nominal and real size in dollars and percent annual change going back to 1971. This year’s report includes a new breakdown of size by client industry and key notes throughout the report to assist readers in understanding these data.

Read the full media release here: HBI News Release 8 June 2020